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Peakini Blond

We don't do things by halves.

100% Blond

100% nature, 100% handcraft, 100% home: this is how our beer should be – and that’s exactly how it turned out.

The Peakini Blond is a craft beer in its purest form, a real natural product made from crystal clear Tauern spring water, Austrian malt and Mühlviertel hops. Brewed by master brewer Hans-Peter Hochstaffl, it has a spicy taste, a slightly hoppy nose and soft and soft on the palate. A light, unfiltered experience of nature that, well chilled in the Peakini Farmhaus in Untertauern and in the Peakini Klubhaus und Mundwerk in Obertauern, ensures the end of any drought.

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